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Sushi Rolls

Alaskan Fresh salmon and avocado 7.50
California Snow crab and avocado 6.95
Lo-Carb California Snow crab and avocado wrapped in cucumber 7.50
Salmon Skin Grilled salmon skin, cucumber and tobiko 6.95
Hawaiian Ahi tuna and avocado 7.95
New York Cooked shrimp and avocado 7.50
Shrimp Tempura Fried shrimp and avocado 7.95
Spicy Hamachi Spicy yellowtail and scallion 7.95
Spicy Salmon Fresh salmon with Japanese 7-spice and cucumber 7.50
Spicy Tuna Spicy ahi tuna, cucumber and daikon sprouts 7.95
Philadelphia Smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado 7.50
Rock & Roll Grilled freshwater eel and avocado 7.95
Pink Panther Ahi tuna and avocado in soy bean wrap 8.95
Green Bamboo Spicy salmon and asparagus in soy bean wrap 8.95
Saigon Spicy salmon, daikon, organic greens and cucumber in rice paper 8.95
Dynamite Spicy scallop with tobiko and kaiware 12.95
Rainforest Spicy tuna and cucumber topped with Japanese seaweed salad 12.95
Tokyo Tower Shrimp tempura, asparagus and tobiko 12.95
Tuna Crunch Ahi tuna in sesame soy wrap sprinkled with light tempura crumbs 12.95
Ume Blossom Snow crab and organic greens in soy bean wrap, topped with ikura 12.95
49er Salmon, avocado, tobiko with thin lemon slices 14.50
Carburetor Shrimp tempura, snow crab, peaches and avocado 14.50
Caterpillar Grilled freshwater eel, avocado, cucumber and tobiko 14.50
Rainbow Snow crab and avocado, topped with assorted fish 14.50
Spider Soft shell crab, avocado, tobiko and daikon sprouts 15.50
Dragon Shrimp tempura, grilled freshwater eel, avocado, gobo and tobiko 15.50
Geisha Spicy salmon and cucumber, topped with ahi tuna, hamachi and tobiko 16.25
Lady in Red Shrimp tempura, topped with snow crab, ahi tuna, peaches and avocado 16.25
Leopard Seared ahi tuna, tempura in seaweed and topped with unagi 15.50
Lion King (baked) Snow crab and avocado topped with sake and spicy seafood sauce 15.50
Old Redwood Shrimp tempura, snow crab, topped with assorted fish, peach and avocado 16.25
Summer Cooler Spicy cooked prawns, shiso leaves, red snapper and lemon slices 16.25
Tiger Tail Spicy tuna, topped with fresh salmon, peaches and avocado 16.25
Fire Dragon (fried) Deep fried roll with shrimp and cream cheese, topped with grilled eel 17.25
Snow White (seared) Spicy yellowtail, topped with scallops and spicy seafood sauce 17.25
Regal Roll Tempura izumidai topped with spicy crab, seared ahi tuna and avocado 17.25
Dark side of the Moon Snow crab and soft shell crab, topped with grilled eel and smoked salmon 18.25

Add Side of Spicy Mayo $0.50 / Add Cucumber $1.00 / Add Avocado $1.50 / Add Cheese or Tobiko $2.00

(Substitution of certain ingredients may require additional charges)


Sashimi combination
Ahi Tuna
Chef’s selection
4 pcs — 8.00
4 pcs — 8.00
4 pcs — 9.25
4 pcs — 9.25
4 pcs — 9.25
4 pcs — 9.25
9 pcs — 19.95
7 pcs — 14.00
7 pcs — 14.00
7 pcs — 15.95
7 pcs — 15.95
7 pcs — 15.95
7 pcs — 15.95
12 pcs — 25.95

Nigiri Sushi
(add $1.95 for quail eggs)

Ebi Cooked prawn 4.95
Ika Squid 4.95
Saba Mackerel 4.95
Kani Salad Snow crab and tobiko 4.95
Tobiko Flying fish roe 4.95
Shiromaguro White tuna 5.75
Sake Fresh salmon 6.25
Tako Cooked octopus 5.75
Hamachi Yellowtail 6.25
Hotate gai Hokkaido scallop 6.25
Maguro Ahi tuna 6.25
Smoked sake Smoked salmon 6.25
Escolor Butter fish 6.50
Hamachi toro Yellowtail belly 6.95
Hirame Halibut 6.95
Ikura Salmon roe 6.50
Kurodai Black snapper 6.95
Spicy Hotate Scallop salad 6.95
Tai Red snapper 6.95
Unagi Grilled fresh water eel 6.50
Ama ebi Sweet jumbo prawn 8.50
Seasonal nigiri sushi AQ
Uni Sea urchin
Aji Horse mackerel
Mirugai Geoduck (giant clam)
O’toro Blue fin tuna belly

Temaki (Handrolls)

Shrimp Tempura Handroll 6.25
California Handroll (snow crab) 6.25
Spicy tuna Handroll 6.25
Salmon skin Handroll 6.25
Unakyu Handroll (grilled eel) 6.50
Ikura Handroll (salmon roe) 6.50
Negihama Handroll (yellowtail & scallion) 7.50
Spicy scallop Handroll 7.50

Prices of certain items may subject to change without advance notice.