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Nigiri Sushi

Inari Sushi rice stuffed in sweet tofu pouch 3.95
Tamago Homemade sweet omelette 3.95
Kyuri Tamago Homemade sweet omellete topped with cucumber 4.50
Nasu Yaki Grilled eggplant 4.50
Zukki-ni yaki Grilled zucchini 4.50
Enoki Mushrooms Grilled golden needle mushroom 4.50
Kanpyo Japanese squash 4.50
Wakame Japanese seaweed marinated in sesame oil and Japanese 7-spice 4.50
Wakame Inari Japanese seaweed and sushi rice in sweet tofu pouch 4.50

Sushi Rolls

Kappa Maki Cucumber and sesame seed wrapped rice-inside 4.50
Avocado Avocado and sesame 4.50
Oshinko Japanese pickled radish 4.50
Asparagus Steamed asparagus and sesame 4.95
Avocado Kyuri Avocado and cucumber 4.95
Inari Kyuri Sweet tofu skin and cucumber 4.95
Kanpyo Kyuri Japanese squash and cucumber 4.95
Spinach Steamed spinach seasoned with garlic and sesame oil 4.95
Ume Shiso Kyuri Cucumber, picked plum and shiso leaf wrapped rice-in 4.95
Natto Fermented soy beans, wasabi and scallions mixed in ponzu sauce 6.50
Shiitake Braised shiitake mushroom 6.50
Vegetable Tempura Sweet yam and zucchini tempura 6.50
Futomaki Japanese pickled vegetables, sweet omelette and cucumber 6.50
Bamboo Stick Yam tempura and gobo, topped with avocado 9.95
No Rain Forest Cucumber, Japanese squash and gobo (burdock root), topped with wakame 9.95

Yasai (Vegetarian) Dinners

Vegetarian Sushi Plate Chef’s choice of 4 vegetarian nigiri sushi and 1 vegetarian sushi roll 14.50
Grilled Tofu Steak Crispy silk tofu braised with eggs and butter sauce on hot iron platter 13.95
Vegetable Tempura Assorted vegetable fried in lightly coated tempura flour 13.95
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